Useful Information

When to Go?

Sardinia has a mild climate, making it a popular destination year round. The winter’s don’t get too cold and the island during this season gathers less tourists, so you can fetch many good deals and still catch some sun. Most hotels stay open all year long, however their outdoor pool’s may not.  There is a tendency amongst tourists to avoid Sardinia in August, when all of Italy makes their way to the Island with packed hotels, beaches and marinas. This obviously has it’s good and bad sides – depending what you’re after – keep in mind it can get quite hot too! Spring and Autumn are beautiful time’s on the island when the main tourist season isn’t in full swing, the air is warm and the water too. This is a great time to see the inner island of Sardinia, the lakes and natural parks are a soothing oasis.


Average Air Temperature:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 10 11 12 14 17 21 24 25 22 18 13 11
°F 50 52 53 56 63 70 75 76 71 64 56 52

Average Sea Temperature:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 14 14 14 15 17 20 23 25 23 21 18 16



To visit Sardinia as a EU member all you need is your national ID card. Visitors from outside the EU have to bring their passport along to obtain an Italian visa. The following countries have consulars in Sardinia: Belgium, Denmark, UK, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Holland, Spain, Sweden.

Bring your drivers license to rent a car, or your skippers license to charter a yacht.


Getting Along

The Euro is the currency in Sardinia. Exchange your money in banks, post offices or exchange offices. Don’t carry too much cash – traveler’s cheques and credit cards are widely accepted. Non-EU citizens must spend €155 in “tax free” shops (usually marked “tax free for tourists”), to receive a 20% VAT refund.

The electricity in Italy runs at 220V, bring along a plug adapter if you are from the UK or generally outside mainland Europe. US appliances will need a voltage converter – you can find these cheap online or in your local radio-shack.

Telephone code: Dial 00 39 when calling Italy from abroad, and always use the full area code wherever you call from (070, 0789, etc)

Along with Italian, Sardinians speak one of the dialects of Sardinian (Sardu). English is spoken by some – more in the cities than in small towns. The youth can often be helpful with translating a question into an answer.


Sardinia is generally accessible for the disabled. The facilities for handicapped travelers are growing – tourist offices will have information regarding an easier stay for such visitors. Below is a organisation specializing in tourism for the disabled, with an office in Sardinia too.
AIAS – Sardinian Office
Viale Poetto, 312 09126 Cagliari
Ph.+39 070 3791010
Fax +39 070 380279